Create an app where consumers own and have power over their personal financial data. The goal is to provide the functionality to a crypto wallet, for credit.  The wallet will allow users to access their credit score, manage it, own it and permission it. 
Research, Sketching, User Flows, Wireframing, Ideation, UI, Prototyping



As of 2020, the global blockchain market value was over $10 billion, with 20% of American adults having invested in cryptocurrency. Most have done so to diversify their portfolios, while a minority believe that crypto is the future of money.

While the crypto industry can be volatile, risk can be minimized with education and safeguards. Overwhelmingly, crypto wallet users want to be in control of their financial data and to ensure that their investments are secure.

The use of crypto wallets is expanding rapidly.

There are over 36 million crypto users worldwide. 20% of Americans have invested in crypto.
In 2015, there were 31 million crypto wallets globally. In 2022, there were over 70 million worldwide.
A study in 2022 found that 44% of executives at US financial institutions planned to offer crypto services by end of the year.


We focused our research on 2 groups. First, users who currently invest in cryptocurrency and use a crypto wallet or a credit card. Second, users who have not yet invested in crypto but are interested in doing so. Their top concerns were:

"Fear of missing out. It's too big of a risk for me to invest money into crypto, but I think there's a chance this will be huge mistake."

"I wish I could invest in crypto while limiting my risk.

"I'm not sure how to invest - it seems really complicated."

"What happens to my money if the company goes bankrupt?"


Project goal

Based on our research, we set out to create an intuitive, easy-to-use platform for consumers that gives crypto investors to ability to have control over their various lines of credit. There was a need in the market to create a blended credit score model that would allow users both to access their own credit score and to control who can access this information.  Users can then provide personal data to banks, institutions and service providers, providing full control.

Clearly, there is a strong need to create a lower-risk method of investing in crypto. Our solution: offering would-be users the option of earning rewards and then investing those rewards directly through credit incentives rather than relying on out-of-pocket investment-thereby making it possible to invest in cryptocurrency with a far lower risk. Recent widely publicized collapses in the crypto industry have highlighted the need for increased security as well. Crypto investors need a guarantee that if a business fails, or suffers a data breach, their investments will not be impacted.

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