Diane Collins

While working for years in photo, video and production, I’ve collaborated with creative teams for clients such as Capitol One, Jaguar, NYC Department of Transportation, Pfizer and Samsung. As much as I love being part of the creative process, I have always wondered how the project began. What was the initial conversation? More importantly, what problem was this meant to solve? That’s where the lines began to merge and my interest and involvement in UX really took hold.

In the past, producing visually compelling content was my key goal. Studying and working in UX led me to think about projects more holistically and to approach them from various vantage points. I am now equally focused on ensuring that the end product meets the needs of the intended user from initial steps to execution.

Reach out if you want to talk about creating simple, effective and awesome user-friendly experiences.

Brooklyn, NY

Check out my photo/video work here: